ChiaoGoo 6in Bamboo Double Point Knitting Needles

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ChiaoGoo’s bamboo double pointed needles have precisesly tapered, hand-crafted tips. They are made of Moso bamboo which is the largest and strongest bamboo in the world. The coloring is completely natural; no dyes are stains are used to achieve their warm brown shade. The size is permanently laser imprinted on each needle.


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US 2.5, 3.00mm, US 3, 3.25mm, US 4, 3.5mm, US 5, 3.75mm, US 2, 2.75mm, US 10, 6mm, US 10.5, 6.5mm, US 7, 4.5mm, US 9, 5.5mm, US 1, 2.25mm, US 11, 8.00mm, US 6, 4.00mm, US 1.5, 2.50mm, US 8, 5mm