About Tink & The Frog

Discover Beautiful Knit and Crochet Supplies, Classes and Community so you can Find Joy In Crafting.

Tink & The Frog, formerly Ann’s By Design, is located in downtown Adrian, Michigan. We are a community of friends and fiber artists who seek to make the world a more joyous place through crafting, learning, and building relationships.


We are located at: 117 North Main Street Adrian, MI 49221

Phone 517-759-3990
Email support@tinkandfrogyarnshop.com

Our Values

Craft Beauty

We all deserve to work with gorgeous yarn and tools and to make fiber art that is beautiful. Better supplies maker for a better crafting experience from start to finish.

Craft Knowledge

Everyone can learn to knit, crochet, or to do any other fiber art. Yes – everyone! No one was born crafting, but humans are all born crafters.

Craft Friendship

There is always room for one more at the community crafting table. Stitchers, spinners, weavers, felters – everyone is welcome! Fiber arts become the foundation of long-lasting friendships.

Craft Joy

Appreciating beauty, learning new things and building relationships all bring more joy to our lives. We find contentment in our craft.

Do you want to experience more joy, focus and accomplishment?
Knitting with Grandma

Knitting, crochet and other fiber arts can help you achieve all of these, and we are here to help! At Tink & The Frog Yarn Shop in Adrian, Michigan, we believe these crafts are more than just a hobby – they are a passion, and a way to connect with others. This is why we offer a collection of beautiful yarns and tools, classes for all ability levels, and events to build community.

Knitting is Love

We welcome you to stop in to do some shopping, register for a class or sit down to do some crafting. Or check out our online store if you prefer to shop from your couch and sign up for our email list to stay up-to-date on new products, sales, and upcoming events.  

Get more than just a hobby – start crafting joy!

A Lesson In Tinking And Frogging

TINK /tiNGk/
VERB. To undo a row of knitting one stitch at a time, in order to correct a mistake. Reversal of knit.

FROG /frôg, fröag/
VERB. To rip out or quickly unravel rows of one’s needlework (“rip it, rip it”) to correct a mistake or completely disassemble a project.

Get Inspired!

Check out our friends' projects and share your own
Tag your photos with #tinkandthefrog on Instagram to add your project to our growing showcase!

Stop - sample time!

The Antler Toque by @tincanknits is a great introduction to cables. This toque uses @universal_yarn Deluxe Worsted Tweed Superwash.

You can learn this hat in our Make a Hat Class beginning August 16. Stop in or call to sign up!

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Check out this Blossom Hat in @urthyarns Harvest Worsted! This pattern is a blast to knit up and takes just one skein. Plus, the pattern is free with your yarn purchase! 🧶🎉

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Michelle went a little freestyle with this asymmetric shawl knitted in @plymouthyarn Incan Spice. It is so soft - extra fine merino, baby alpaca, mulberry silk and yak! See and feel it for yourself in the shop - we have limited hours this week, and next week begins our Grand Opening!

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