Owner + Knit Instructor
Craft: Knitting
When and how did you learn? April 2017. My friend taught me at Miller’s Pub in Chicago.
Favorite Projects: Anything knit in the round! Cowl, hats and socks.
Process or Product stitching? Process – I have a basket full of unblocked projects!
Plant, Animal or Synthetic fiber? Animal
Bamboo, Wood, Metal or Plastic tools? Wood or metal – depends on my project.
Advice for new knitters? You are in charge. You can knit or crochet however you want and follow a pattern or not. The way you learn to knit does not have to be how you do so in the future. You do not have to choose between knit or crochet (or something else). Do it all! A knitter who can crochet – or vice versa – has more skills in their toolbox that makes them better at both.


Knit Instructor

Craft: Knitting
When and how did I learn to knit? My Grandmother lived across the street. Every day after elementary school I would go to Grandma’s and work on a project. One day she said, “Mother’s Day is coming. Let’s learn to knit.”  That was my first foray into to a hobby that would become an obsession. After my sophomore year in college, I came home wanting to pick up knitting again. I took lessons from Mary Helen Growt, the woman who changed my life. Mary Helen taught me to knit continental. I will be forever grateful.
Process or product knitting: I love the process of knitting from falling in love with a pattern or yarn to learning new challenging techniques to steaming to giving the treasure away. But it all starts with falling in love. I don’t do “have to knitting,” I only do “want to knitting.”  All through the process I ask myself, “Does this bring me joy?”  If it doesn’t, I drop it like a hot potato. I knit every day. It is my zen.
What kind of needles? I collect needles. You name it and I have it. Each is the best for a certain type of knitting
Advice for new knitters? Find a LYS that you love and take lessons. Pick out yarn that you love. Pick out something small at first. Go to social knitting groups and talk to experienced knitters. Remember: cast-on, bind-off, knit and purl. Once you master those, everything else are just tweaks. Let knitting bring you joy.



Crochet Instructor
Craft: Crochet
When and how did you learn? 2018, mostly self-taught with a little bit of YouTube and some not-so-gentle prodding from the teachers at Ann’s By Design.
Favorite Projects: Garments and functional items.
Process or Product stitching? Both depending on my mood and why or who I’m making it for. If it’s for me or I’m testing a new stitch or pattern or I’m just playing around with an idea in my head, it’s process. If I’m making it because someone asked for it or it’s a gift or commission, it’s product.
Animal or Synthetic fiber? Anything but Mohair.
Bamboo, Wood, Metal or Plastic tools? Metal
Advice for New Crocheters? Practice makes perfect – don’t be afraid to rip out a project and start over if it’s not working!
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Sample time!

Spring is just around the corner, and this adorable Kelsey Dress is the perfect knit for the little girl in your life! Michelle used one just one skein of Recycled Tweed by @queenslandcollection for the smallest size and had leftovers! Sized for ages 12 months - 6 years, this cute little dress is perfect for spring or paired with a shirt and leggings on chillier days. Recycled Tweed is a DK-weight yarn made of 100% recycled materials, making it an earth-friendly and pretty choice.

We have lots of choices that work with this great little pattern. In addition to Recycled Tweed, Michelle recommends Malabrigo Arroyo or Plymouth Dreambaby.

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Sample time! 🥳

Midwest mornings are still a little chilly... It`s the perfect weather for a light cowl! Cubes and Hues knitted in @gustowool`s Echoes is a soft and beautiful springtime accessory. This pattern uses brioche knitting, but a similar effect could easily be made with simple knits and purls.

Echoes comes in two identical mini-skeins with exciting gradients dyed on a fingering weight merino and nylon blend. This beautiful yarn is hand-dyed in Turkey.

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